Why RhinoRaXX?

After more than a year in Research and Development, these brand new, State of the Art racks (designed solely by Jeff Ronne and exclusively for Boaphile Plastics) utilize all the absolute best materials and uniquely superior techniques for the perfect Reptile rack system.

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- RhinoRaXX prices include FREE SHIPPING ! Every single product sold by Boaphile Plastics includes FREE SHIPPING to your door!

- RhinoRaXX are delivered to you fully assembled and ready to be plugged into your thermostat. A good quality thermostat is an absolute requirement with RhinoRaXX.

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-As of July 2005, RhinoRaXX are built from the newest and greatest from Boaphile Plastics! RhinoRaXX are made from "Controlled Density Polyethylene". This is the very same specially manufactured self extinguishing Polyethylene Boaphile Plastics introduced to the Reptile Rack world some time ago except even better! At the time we introduced RhinoRaXX, our material was 25% lighter weight than the other overly heavy material available from some of our competitors. Now this new material is 55% of the weight of that overly heavy material. That is about half the weight! Even lighter weight than we already were. This plus "Controlled Density Polyethylene" is far more rigid than the previously used regular Polyethylene. This added rigidity means more stable material and far far stronger rack systems that will serve you for many years to come. This new material is much much stronger than our original PVC material used in our first racks and is considerably stronger than any PVC material. Better normally means more expensive. However, Boaphile Plastics will keep prices as affordable as ever while we are always striving to be more efficient and productive. This places the burden of making up that cost difference on us rather than just switching it to you the customer. Boaphile Plastics is never satisfied with the status quo but always seeking to improve and advance, setting the pace for what is the very best in Reptile Housing on the market today.

- RhinoRaXX are heated using our own exclusive 4" Flexwatt heating system. This is the precise and correct wattage to reach the necessary temperatures needed for any and all herps. A good thermostat controller must be used to fine tune your new RhinoRaXX unit temperatures for your own special critters. This heat system comes to you already installed in your new RhinoRaXX and is ready to use immediately. We have developed our own "snap and lock" system of Flexwatt installation that does not use silicone or tape of any kind. This soon to be patented design utilizes Flexwatt under-tub or "belly heat" in a machined recess on each and every level! The Flexwatt rests perfectly, allowing each drawer to (in effect) glide over the Flexwatt without resting any weight on it! This also eliminates the possibility of damaging friction on the heating element for the long term safety of you, your herps and your new RhinoRaXX. The only negative of using 4" Flexwatt is that, while it is the very best heating system anywhere, and the only heater that is safe to use, it is a significant part of the overall cost of building these racks. It takes a lot of Flexwatt to run this 4" material along each and every shelf. Retailing at $2.50 per foot, this can really add up. One of our racks uses over $50 of Flexwatt alone! Heat cable is really cheap but for reasons explained later, we will never ever use this inferior method to heat your or our herps. The best thing is; the cost of the Flexwatt is INCLUDED!

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The picture above shows our own design with the recessed 4" Flexwatt in our
own snap and lock retaining system. This system uses a single length of Flexwatt
that heats each and every tub with that most requested "belly-heat".

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- RhinoRaXX are not only already assembled when you receive them, we also include the tubs you need to use these racks. No running all over the place trying to find those out of stock tubs on your own. We have already taken care of this for you.

- RhinoRaXX don't have screws in the side panels which diminish the furniture quality appearance of these beautiful and ultimately functional pieces. We have developed our own soon to be patented key and key slot system of assembly allowing for "invisible" joinery and a super clean showroom like appearance.

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The picture above shows our "Ball Room Rack" with a sample of the tub resting atop
the unit. Note there are absolutely no unsightly screws going into the ends of these
furniture quality racks to detract from the ultimate beauty you will be proud to show
off even in your living room. These tubs are 34.5" long! Click the picture for a larger image.

- RhinoRaXX material is specially manufactured specifically for Boaphile Plastics with a custom formulation making normally flammable high-density polyethylene a "self extinguishing" plastic that keeps you and your herps safe. Safety is #1 at Boaphile Plastics and always has been. Our cage cases and racks have always been built using only "self extinguishing" materials for everyone's safety from day #1.

- RhinoRaXX are the perfect thickness for your reptiles and your back. Thick enough to utilize our own soon to be patented assembly system and to support far, far more than can be possibly loaded into or on top of our new RhinoRaXX. They are also thin enough to help save your back and can be easily lifted when empty. Our RhinoRaXX are made of durable "polyethylene". This material is virtually unbreakable and is showroom quality.

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The picture above shows one corner of the "RhinoRaXX" 15-Drawer Sweater Box rack.
Note the "invisible" joinery, which of course you can't see because it is invisible. This
special system leaves your racks looking absolutely professional built by the craftsmen
at Boaphile Plastics. No sloppy dadoes or glue smears any more either.

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- RhinoRaXX, like every single cage and rack system ever built by Boaphile Plastics, is fully stackable. The tall style racks manufactured with extended "feet" have pin alignment holes allowing for stacking as high as your ceiling will allow without the danger of sliding around on you.

- RhinoRaXX are exclusively made by and come to you from Boaphile Plastics. Boaphile Plastics is the leader in the plastic cage and rack system industry creating the new ideas first that are then poorly imitated by our competition.

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The picture above shows a close up of how we have routed the Flexwatt into our
own unique design to heat the new superior RhinoRaXX.

- RhinoRaXX are built without using any glue whatsoever. No glue fumes are associated with these new products.

- RhinoRaXX and Boaphile Plastics does not and will not ever use heat cable as a heat source. This was the "old school" way of heating cages that was used years before Flexwatt became the standard for excellence in Reptile cage and rack heating. Heat cable is manufactured and intended to be used in a sub 35 degree temperature situation to prevent pipes from freezing. It was not made to be operated continuously and certainly never meant to be operated at the excessively high temperatures required in Reptile heating situations. Jeff Ronne, our designer had used heat cable for years in his own systems. When making a move seven years ago Jeff discovered that some of his own heat cable (that he had used but unseen till that time) had been burned, charred and melted. He did not have a fire but could one have occurred? Jeff was not about to find out and never plugged in these dangerous and inferior heating elements again.

-Jeff has made the switch to Flexwatt exclusively.

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This is the new RhinoRaXX Sideways Blanket Box rack.
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- Boaphile Plastics has no intention of switching to this different material for use in cages. Cages must be waterproof to remain sanitary. This plastic is virtually un-sealable in a mechanically assembled application. This allows leakage from one cage down to another. This is why we will stick to the material we are already using which is far superior for nearly every cage application. Another huge negative you incur when switching to this material, is that identically sized cages, built using " high-density polyethylene, weight about three times as much as our currently offered cages. Can you say "Chiropractor"?

- RhinoRaXX are the brainchild of Jeff Ronne "The Boaphile." Boaphile Plastics looks forward to patenting these new innovative techniques. Unlike the past; when we had naively assumed others would not blatantly try to imitate our unique designs seen today from the virtually all of our competitors. Boaphile Plastics will aggressively defend and protect our own intellectual properties and physical designs. Boaphile Plastics takes great pride in being the first on nearly every plastic cage and rack design concept seen today. This helps you. No longer will you be "cheated" into buying an inferior product because it "looks" like ours. Nor will you be fooled into buying options on those cheap imitations just because they have used a name you recognize that was originally developed by Boaphile Plastics. e.g. "Expandable End". Lastly, this new and aggressive approach to protecting our unique designs will force others to find their own unique and creative designs which will increase the real competition in the market place.

The photo below is one of Jeff Ronne standing on one of the RhinoRaXX to illustrate
the strength that is the RhinoRaXX. Jeff has many talents but walking a tight
rope and working at great heights are not two of them. Here Jeff is pretending to be
taking this rack surfing. Click the picture to view an actual movie of Jeff surfing!
One thing to remember: We are the FUN plastic cage company!

Click the picture to view an actual movie  of Jeff surfing !!!

Boaphile Plastics and the one, the only "RhinoRaXX" Making you and your herps happy!

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