The Four Drawer 8 1/2 Gallon Poly RhinoRaXX!

This rack uses Four 8 1/2 Gallon Rubbermaid # 3308 Deluxe Poly Boxes.


Four Drawer Poly RhinoRaXX : $589 each COMPLETE!!!

To your door!!!
Delivered assembled!

Tubs are Included!
Heat is included AND Installed!!!
FREE Shipping!

Your FULL service Cage/Rack supplier includes the following at these prices:

- Flexwatt IN shelf UNDER BELLY heating
- Self extinguishing material too for your safety!
- FREE Shipping!
- Completely and totally assembled ready to be plugged into your thermostat
- Four Rubbermaid # 3308 - 8 1/2 Gallon Blanket Boxes

- When you compare apples to apples RhinoRaxx are your very best buy ! For instance; take this rack as offered elsewhere. You will need to add their shipping charges, the additional charges for a heater, plus you may even have to go buy your own tubs elsewhere. When you add it all up, Boaphile Plastics is usually your best buy. All that plus you get the most beautiful rack available anywhere. As a bonus, t
he rack is ALREADY assembled. Now compare that to the competition. When you compare apples to apples RhinoRaxx are and have always been your very best buy !

-As of July 2005, RhinoRaXX are built from the newest and greatest from Boaphile Plastics! RhinoRaXX are made from "Controlled Density Polyethylene". This is the very same specially manufactured Polyethylene Boaphile Plastics introduced to the Reptile Rack world some time ago except even better! At the time we introduced RhinoRaXX, our material was 25% lighter weight than the other overly heavy material available from some of our competitors. Now this new material is 55% of the weight of that overly heavy material. That is about half the weight! Even lighter weight than we already were. This plus "Controlled Density Polyethylene" is far more rigid than the previously used regular Polyethylene. This added rigidity means more stable material and far far stronger rack systems that will serve you for many years to come. This new material is much much stronger than our original PVC material used in our first racks and is considerably stronger than any PVC material. Better normally means more expensive. However, Boaphile Plastics will keep prices as affordable as ever while we are always striving to be more efficient and productive. This places the burden of making up that cost difference on us rather than just switching it to you the customer. Boaphile Plastics is never satisfied with the status quo but always seeking to improve and advance, setting the pace for what is the very best in Reptile Housing on the market today.

-Do you already have your own drawers for this rack? You can order this RhinoRaXX without the drawers for $100.00 less each rack regardless of the number of racks ordered. Do you heat your room and not need heat installed in these racks? You can deduct $30.00 off each (Rubbermaid) Four Space Poly RhinoRaXX Rack ordered without heat installed regardless of the number ordered. In the case where a rack is ordered without heat installed, the rack shelves will not be routed for any Flexwatt.

Click here to read more important information regarding RhinoRaxx

These RhinoRaxx are considered "oversized" by our shipped FedEx Ground. The shipping on these is included but costs us nearly triple what the five drawer high Blanket Boxes cost to ship. We wanted to continue to offer a six drawer high rack but felt it necessary to give this short explanation.

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We accept checks, Money Orders or Credit Card payments. We happily accept Credit Cards through PayPal on-line. For your convenience we have set up an automated on-line ordering system found below. After clicking the "Shopping Cart" button and then the "Proceed to Checkout" button you will be taken to our secure server at PayPal where you can place your order safely and securely. Please note black is the only color currently available when ordering RhinoRaXX.
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Order 1 - Four Drawer 3308 Rubbermaid 8 1/2 Gallon Poly RhinoRaXX
Click the button on the right to order 1 - Four Drawer Rubbermaid 36 quart Poly RhinoRaXX for only $589.00 !

To your door!!!
Delivered assembled!

Tubs are Included!
Heat is included AND Installed!!!
FREE Shipping!


Shipping is done via FedEx ground service. Shipping is FREE!!! The cost of shipping has already been included in the cage pricing


For those who wish to order by sending a Money Order or Check please send your payment to the following address:

Jeff Ronne
PO Box 394
Cannon Falls, MN 55009

95% of our customers choose black for their cages and racks. For this reason we will assume your order is for black "Boaphile Plastics" unless you specify otherwise. You may take advantage of the discounts offered here at "Boaphile Plastics" which can be calculated from the regular prices or pay the discounted prices as detailed here whichever saves you more money. Discounts can't be doubled up please. Larger quantity pricing available upon request.

We checked with our ground carrier and found that shipping a 5 drawer blanket box rack would only be about $2 more when shipped fully assembled than it is to ship them in pieces flat. So as a huge convenience to our customers we are offering our racks fully ready to be put to immediate use with the tubs and ultimately safe Flexwatt belly-heat already installed. Since all of our racks are fully stackable, you can expand and stack as you need to. We build everything to be manageable and shippable via a regular carrier to save you those high trucking charges.

Here is a view of the heating system inside this rack with the
back removed for easy viewing.

This RhinoRaXX rack is 16 3/4" Wide X " Tall X 24 5/8" Deep. The Sterilite #1655 Blanket Box is 22" long X 16" Wide X 5 1/2" Tall.


All Boaphile Plastics "Original Racks" and "RhinoRaXX" are fully stackable!
Click the photos below for a larger view:

12 Original Blanket Box Racks! Click for a larger view!.Six Original 10 Drawer Sweater Racks! Click for a larger view!.Six 15 Drawer Sweater RhinoRaXX! Click for a larger view!.Six Ball Room RhinoRaXX! Click for a larger view!

Your new RhinoRaXX must be used in conjunction with a good quality thermostat. In general you can assume that super cheap thermostat are just that. Super cheap. Your herps very lives may depend on the heat controller you use. We are using the lowest wattage 4" Flexwatt manufactured for your herps safety. All the details regarding this custom brand new design developed by Jeff Ronne the owner of Boaphile Plastics can be read and viewed at the following link: RhinoRaxx Details: A good quality thermostat MUST be used in conjunction with this rack system to ensure the safety of your critters. In fact we exclusively use and recommend the "Double Thermostat" we designed and originated exclusively here at Boaphile Plastics. At Boaphile Plastics your and your herps safety is absolute number one at Boaphile Plastics. This is the reason we require that a good quality thermostat be used with all of our racks and especially these RhinoRaxx with the heat source directly under the tubs. Each rack has a hole that the cord is routed out like the one seen below. Simply insert your probe through this opening and affix it to the Flexwatt at the far right or far left of the space to monitor your rack temperatures. The probe must be attached securely as your thermostat will not turn off the heat in your rack if the probe moves off of the Flexwatt. This is just one of the helpful and important cage/rack related tips you can count on from your Real Cage/Rack Company; Boaphile Plastics! Click the image below for a larger view:

Click for a larger view

Boaphile Plastics only uses the safest proven products and will never use unsafe products or methods that leave you at risk. In fact we have had folks request specially built cages or racks in quantity that they intended to install their own heat or lighting systems in that we know are unsafe. We will not knowingly build anything that uses any unsafe heating or lighting system even if we are not the one to install that electrical system. i.e. Flexwatt heat in these racks is very expensive. Heat cable would be far less expensive but for reasons already stated we will not use that heating system ever. More on this is detailed at the following link: Why we only use Flexwatt on the RhinoRaXX Details Page. Boaphile Plastics has by far the most all inclusive Reptile caging information regarding safety, heating and heat controllers on the World Wide Web anywhere. We want you to be successful, safe and a satisfied customer always. This is because Boaphile Plastics is a Real Company building and servicing Real Products to help you with all of your Real Needs now and in the future.

We offer the best in thermostats on the market at the following link:

Boaphile Plastics Thermostats

- RhinoRaXX Set Up: All racks should only be placed on a flat level surface. Resting your plastic rack on an unlevel surface will ultimately force your rack into a twist and it will not perform as well as it could. Also, often carpet will cause problems in the function and performance of a rack. This can especially be true of our flat bottomed racks that hold the smaller drawers we build. This is why we install vertical dividers in between every single space in our racks possible. The most support possible gives the best support possible. Also, please be aware, the "Sideways" RhinoRaXX should always be set up with the bottom spaces holding whatever sweater or smaller drawers are needed as this provides the best support. The larger drawers can be used in every single space and will function well, but removing the support in the lower spaces and continuing to use smaller drawers above them in the upper spaces, will cause problems with support of the lower shelves. Without any center supports, the shelves will be pushed down by the weight of the smaller drawers and their contents. We actually have customers using our racks with great success even housing Sand Boas in tubs with heavy sand in them. The key is the support in the middle must go to the floor. Also, sometimes heavy or thick carpet can cause problems with putting pressure upward into the bottom drawer space. For this reason it may be necessary for a few folks to place thin strips under the ends themselves to further lift the rack above the 1/2" legs that are already on the ends of the rack. Sticky drawers are always the result of punched drawers, and this is always entirely avoidable. Please, if you have any questions before or after the sale regarding this or any other aspect of using RhinoRaXX, please do not hesitate to contact us. This is true of any issue that ever arises regarding any purchase from Boaphile Plastics. If you do not let us know you are having a challenge or problem, it is impossible for us to help you with it or do anything about it, so please call.



Our racks allow you to use your drawers without their lids saving you time. The spaces in which the drawers slide are perfectly sized alike. The space above each drawer is .050" which is less than 1/16". Perfect for nearly all neonates.


RhinoRaXX are heated using our own exclusive 4" Flexwatt heating system. This is the precise and correct wattage to reach the necessary temperatures needed for any and all herps. A good thermostat controller must be used to fine tune your new RhinoRaXX unit temperatures for your own special critters. This heat system comes to you already installed in your new RhinoRaXX and is ready to use immediately. We have developed our own "snap and lock" system of Flexwatt installation that does not use silicone or tape of any kind. This soon to be patented design utilizes Flexwatt under-tub or "belly heat" in a machined recess on each and every level! The Flexwatt rests perfectly, allowing each drawer to (in effect) glide over the Flexwatt without resting any weight on it! This also eliminates the possibility of damaging friction on the heating element for the long term safety of you, your herps and your new RhinoRaXX. The only negative of using 4" Flexwatt is that, while it is the very best heating system anywhere, and the only heater that is safe to use, it is a significant part of the overall cost of building these racks. It takes a lot of Flexwatt to run this 4" material along each and every shelf. Retailing at $2.50 per foot, this can really add up. One of our racks uses over $50 of Flexwatt alone! Heat cable is really cheap but for reasons explained later, we will never ever use this inferior method to heat your or our herps. The best thing is; the cost of the Flexwatt is INCLUDED!

Several other RhinoRaXX facts::

-RhinoRaXX, like every single cage and rack system ever built by Boaphile Plastics, is fully stackable. The tall style racks manufactured with extended "feet" have pin alignment holes allowing for stacking as high as your ceiling will allow without the danger of sliding around on you.

- RhinoRaXX weigh more than 25% less than similar products available using similar materials. This is because our racks are the perfect thickness. 3/8" thick allowing our own special assembly system and strong as can be imagined.

- RhinoRaXX are not only already assembled when you receive them, we also include the tubs you need to use these racks. No running all over the place trying to find those out of stock tubs on your own. We have already taken care of this for you.

- RhinoRaXX don't have screws in the side panels which diminish the furniture quality appearance of these beautiful and ultimately functional pieces. We have developed our own soon to be patented key and key slot system of assembly allowing for "invisible" joinery and a super clean showroom like appearance.

Click here to see and read all the unique RhinoRaXX exclusives:

Options? Oh yes, there are options! We will be offering Gray very soon as well as black RhinoRaXX.

Have your own drawers already and want a custom rack?:

This is a possibility. I will customize a rack specifically for your drawers provided you purchase a minimum of six racks which will run approximately the same price as my other racks systems shown here and priced without drawers or tubs. The exact size and configuration of each rack will be as large as possible and still under the 130" total packed dimension limit set by FedEx Ground. Contact me for additional information.



All cages must be paid for before fabrication. All orders must be prepaid by any of the
following methods (Certified bank check, money order, Postal money order, which are
available at your local Post Office, or personal check) I am now accepting credi
cards through "PayPal".


5% Discount at the $2500 level.

"Combo Stacks" already include the 5% discount.

Thank you.


Shipping is done via Ground. Shipping is FREE!!! The cost of shipping has already been included in the cage pricing.

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