Why should you choose Boaphile Plastics ?


Here are a few questions we think it might be good to think about before you purchase from anyone:

Question # 1: Do you want LEAKY cages!? Do you want your floors or carpet to be ruined by water leakage or animal urine?

Answer: We don't know either. Knock down cages will leak. Any cages that must be assembled by you the customer cannot be sealed like Boaphile Plastics seals our cages. Even plastic screw together cages will leak..

Question: Where will the copying competition be a year from now or years from now when you need their help? If you have a question or a problem with a cage product, wouldn't you like to be able to still get hold of the manufacturer for assistance?

Answer: We don't know either. We have already seen a number of wanna-be Boaphile Plastics knockoff competitors come and go. We, like our cages, are thriving and steady like a rock. Boaphile Plastics is here to stay.

Question: When you purchase your cage/rack systems is it important for you that you purchase from someone who will remain available to help you should you have any need for help any time in the future?

Answer: If your answer is yes then we think Boaphile Plastics is your obvious best choice.

Question: Would you prefer top of the line hardware that will last a lifetime or the inferior and cheapest hardware that can be found?

Answer: If your answer is you would like the good stuff, your choice is obvious. Boaphile Plastics is here for you.

Question: Would you prefer to do business with the innovator who has the creativity to stay at the absolute pinnacle of Reptile caging technology rather than waiting for one of the copiers to follow the leader's ideas and designs and after trying to imitate them sell them as their own?

Answer: If your answer is yes, Boaphile Plastics is your cage/rack builder of choice.

Boaphile Plastics builds your cages or racks from the ground up using the techniques and innovations developed here. We have been and will continue to be the leader innovating and evolving as new ideas and requirements become developed.

Boaphile Plastics has been in the plastic business for going on ten years so far. Thousands of units have been sold and are used the world over. All of our products are compatible with each other. When new developments arise they are always configured so previous models remain completely compatible and conformable as the need requires.

Boaphile Plastics is the source of nearly every plastic cage and rack innovation anywhere. The unique history of Boaphile Plastics starts with. Jeff Ronne. Jeff Ronne, "The Boaphile" is Boaphile Plastics. As a 23 year master craftsman, Jeff had developed the skills necessary to invent and innovate the best in Reptile caging anywhere. Jeff is blessed with what the top craftsmen refer to as "the knack" or the ability to figure out how to do things and apply unique concepts and ideas in creating the most elaborate and celebrated furniture, unique structures and now Boaphile Plastics. This same gift is what enabled Jeff to discover and publish the secrets of the Boa Constrictor gestation period and the right or best way to breed Boa Constrictors. These techniques are used by most Boa breeders today. Jeff doesn't just design boxes but complete habitat environments that will give you the best possible chance for success. The expertise Jeff has developed in this field is applied in every way to the plastic products he invented and continues to innovate.

We are Boaphile Plastics.

We take great pride in the fact that we've paid our dues and have done all of the hard work to come up with the original and best designed plastics cages and racks anywhere. "The Boaphile" has been in the Reptile business for 25 years including producing baby Boas every single one of those years. The fact is, some of our competitors bought cages/racks from us only to copy our design and pop up with their own Boaphile Plastics knockoff products.

We look forward to working with you to help you create the best possible set up(s) combination to give you the greatest recipe for your success as a Reptile keeper. Remember, years from now we will still be here, innovating, originating, setting the standard and always ready to serve you.

Many thanks to everyone who has purchased our systems and to those who will soon be part of an elite group of fine customers! We are here for you!

Jeff Ronne/The Boaphile of Boaphile Plastics through blood sweat and tears, after more than 25 years of keeping and breeding Reptiles, over tens of thousands of hours work, many thousands of dollars invested, designed and built his own, revolutionary products. The pride Jeff takes in this FACT cannot be overstated. When you make your purchase from Boaphile Plastics you will know that you are helping to reward the craftsman with the creativity to make these most wonderful of products. Jeff Ronne/The Boaphile is the herper/manufacturer who has helped to set the standard for how any Reptile business can and should be run. You can also buy with confidence knowing Boaphile Plastics will be here later or years from now when you may need our assistance.

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5% Discount at the $2500 level.

"Combo Stacks" already include the 5% discount.

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