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For over two decades we have built tens of thousands of cages and racks for all kinds of Reptile and Amphibian keepers all around the World. Innovative cutting edge all plastic caging built and designed by Jeff Ronne / The Boaphile.

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Rhino RaXX

NEW - All HDPE. All enclosed. Recessed Belly Heat. Deluxe Reptile Racks.


NEW - Our own innovation: adjustable divided cages. Create your own custom caging system with multiple sizes and combinations.

Arboreal Cages

Cages with a perch installed designed specifically for the herps who love to climb. Multiple size options are available. 

Our prodcuts are used across an array of reptiles

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We build the absolute safest and best Reptile and Amphibian caging available at the most reasonable prices. We do NOT measure our quality against what others make, but against what is possible. Boaphile Plastics is your full-service plastic reptile enclosure source. We aim to please and think we are doing a pretty good job of it.

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The Headquarters

Jeff Ronne Sr., The Boaphile is our first and biggest customer. The first ten prototype cages are still in use today though they were made in 2000. They function exactly as they did when they were put to work more than twenty years ago.

Many innovations have occurred to improve our product over the years. These are widely copied and can be seen with nearly all similarly copied designs. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, someone once said. 

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